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It is so thankful that people are being under operation and being treated with the help of God’s love and support of many people, thus, hearing good news and being saved by God. Our vision is to deliver good news of Jesus Christ through the heart treatment and operation of people with heart illnesses not only in Korea but also in the poor countries where good news has not been reached so far.

Also, we are praying for our vision to establish a heart clinic, center for older people and Christian alternative school.

The cost for surgery depends on the diagnosis of cardio disease which is minimum of 3 million won or maximum of 30 million Korean won. For the people from foreign countries, the cost is usually high due to the fact that they have no health insurance discount even though the contract has been made.

We are painstakingly working for the people with heart disease as God gave duties for all the people. We are still serving in this field depending on the prayers for us and the financial support of others. SeongAn heart foundation visits 10-15 churches and gives the worship concert every month. We are kindly cooperate with CCM singers and register people who are willing to help us through our concerts. With the help of the many churches and people we are trying to deliver God’s love.

If anyone, who has heart problems and need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

May God’s great love will always be with you all!

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TEL : +82-51-363-0647, 070-4187-0647   |   FAX : +82-51-363-0648   |   E-mail :
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